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Sunbury, PA Daily Item moves to Vision Total Advertising and Circulation Management Systems.

April 6, 2007 - Sunbury, PA – The Daily Item (25,000 daily circulation) today announced the purchase of complete new software systems from Vision Data Equipment Corp., Rensselaer, NY.

The installation will include a 38 user (11 classified, 11 display/sales, and 16 inquiry licenses) Vision Total Advertising sales and management system to handle all classified ad sales and billing, display ad billing and accounts receivable management. The Vision Total Advertising system features state-of-the-art contact management and sales functionality plus many innovations not available in other systems. The system also includes Vision Classified Pagination and Electronic Tearsheet functionality.

The Daily Item’s new installation will also include the Vision Circulation Management System. The new Vision Circulation Management System will provide The Daily Item with complete circulation distribution, billing and sales management functionality as well as with a new Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) module, to handle E-Z Pay monthly debits from credit cards or checking or savings accounts, while bringing more management tools to an already strong, accounting-based program. Features like PostNet barcoding, CASS certification, lockbox interface, and the Vision Preprint Management module will enable The Daily Item to keep pace with changing postal happenings, provide the kinds of sales and management tools needed to effectively manage a 21st century newspaper circulation department, and provide flexibility and capacity for future growth.

Advertising account masters and contract information, as well as circulation household and carrier information will be converted to the new system as part of the installation. Each of these systems will be run from a single Sun Microsystems Sun Fire V440 Server with built-in redundancy. The system will include complete cross-selling functionality between advertising and circulation through the Vision Integrated Customer Service System.

Thomas A. Dempsey, president of Vision Data Equipment Corporation, attributes Vision Data’s strong, growing customer base and continued customer loyalty to “Vision’s 30+ year history of solid accounting-based software development, the company’s ability to attract and keep top notch employees and programmers. Vision is proud of our excellent reputation for solid 24-hour phone and on-line support programs.”


About Vision Data - Vision Data Equipment Corp. offers advertising, sales management/CRM, circulation management, online marketing, pagination, retail layout and ad tracking solutions for media groups including Pioneer News Group, Shaw Media, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc and Community Newspapers Inc.  With more than 3,000 local newspaper publications relying on its solutions, Vision Data offers self hosted, SaaS and IaaS solutions designed to meet each newspapers budget. Their motto – Strong Accounting Driving Marketing provides the platform of quality accounting systems designed to increase market share and streamline overhead. Visit our web site at www.vdata.com.


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