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Bowling Green (OH) Sentinel-Tribune installs Vision Data Total Advertising system.

April 20, 2010 - Bowling Green, Ohio - The Sentinel-Tribune, a family-owned daily newspaper with a circulation of 11,000, is beginning installation of their new Vision Total Advertising and VisionWeb Home Order Entry systems this month. These will work in conjunction with their new Vision Retail Ad Layout and Vision Classified Pagination systems, all purchased from Vision Data Equipment Corp., of Rensselaer, NY.

Sentinel-Tribune staffers will work from a single database mounted on a new Sun Sparc Enterprise M3000 server with all security-enabled users having access to appropriate classified ad entry, display advertising sales and management and business functions driving the Vision Total Advertising system. Vision Data’s unique unified system design provides for all ad entry from a single ad entry screen and all rating from a single rating engine for both print and web products.

The Vision Total Advertising system will handle all accounting, credit and billing functions for the newspaper as well as the on-line products, and includes full electronic tearsheet functionality. The system will also include expanded contact management and sales functionality, not available as a part of most other systems. Once the server is setup and operational, prior Sentinel-Tribune data (display account masters and two years worth of transaction history) will be converted from the former systems to the Vision Total Advertising system and loaded for uninterrupted use, after a detailed training program which includes sessions at the Vision Data training center, on-site setup and training, and WebEx training assistance and follow-up.

The included VisionWeb Home Order Entry system will greatly expand the Sentinel-Tribune’s new media presence and functionality by allowing ads to be ordered on-line by individuals, businesses, and the sales staff 24-hours per day, placing ads into the Sentinel-Tribune or directly to on-line websites. VisionWeb Home Order Entry handles ad payment via credit card, or direct charges for established accounts with approved credit. Rating and product placement are handled through a single rating engine for both the on-line and print products, housed in the server.

The Sentinel-Tribune’s new system will also include both Vision Classified Pagination and Vision Retail Ad Layout systems to simplify classified page make-up as well streamline overall newspaper page and section layout.

In planning for tomorrow’s media environment, the Sentinel-Tribune realized that to stay as they are is to move backwards, that the only way to be successful in the future and move forward is to embrace change, and that positive change must be built on a strong base. Overall, the Vision Total Advertising system will fully satisfy the Sentinel-Tribune’s needs to streamline their operational, reporting and production functions, optimize sales and revenue potential, and produce the best possible ROI.


About Vision Data - Vision Data Equipment Corp. offers advertising, sales management/CRM, circulation management, online marketing, pagination, retail layout and ad tracking solutions for media groups including Pioneer News Group, Shaw Media, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc and Community Newspapers Inc.  With more than 3,000 local newspaper publications relying on its solutions, Vision Data offers self hosted, SaaS and IaaS solutions designed to meet each newspapers budget. Their motto – Strong Accounting Driving Marketing provides the platform of quality accounting systems designed to increase market share and streamline overhead. Visit our web site at www.vdata.com.


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