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The Greeneville Sun (Jones Media, Inc.) Sees Marked Increase in Revenue with VisionWeb Home Order Entry.

October 29, 2009 - Steven K. Harbison, Vice President and General Manager of The Greeneville (TN) Sun writes:

The increase in Classified revenues could not have come at a better time. Now, with the two programs that Vision Data has designed, The Greeneville Sun classified department can offer our services, 24/7, with the new VisionWeb Home Order Entry online Classified Line Ad ordering system and with the coordinated "cross-selling" platform that allows us to offer customers the readership of other Jones Media, Inc., newspapers.

The VisionWeb Home Order Entry program has brought in over $15,000 during the first month of operations, basically, because customers now have access to place their ads any time of the day throughout the week. We recognize that many of our customers lead busy lives and the online ordering program fits their lifestyle in a convenient manner.

In addition, we have discovered a reduction in customer complaints with their ads. The customer is responsible for entering the data, which, sometimes, is more information within their ad than if they called in to place their ad with our customer service representatives.

We are in the process of installing VisionWeb Home Order Entry throughout all of our Web sites at Jones Media. The effort will help replace some of the lineage that we lost in the last year with its convenience to customers and with its accurate delivery of information to our classified pages.

The multiple newspaper "cross-selling" portion of your Total Advertising system has been a hit in many ways, as well. In addition to the new revenues that we are obtaining from our Classified advertisers, especially, within our Employment categories, we now are able to offer our customers more readers who will be responding to their ads. This expands our market for these customers three-fold in many cases.

Once we got this program in place and our customer service reps trained about the many benefits for our customers, we brought-in an additional $6,500 during the first six-weeks of running this program between three of our newspapers in East Tennessee.

Above all, the sales and technical people at Vision Data have been terrific. Your Web site programmers have been extremely responsive and understanding about our customer's needs. Our business operates to help our customers to get what they want, and Vision Data has done the same for us throughout these two important projects.

We are going to have a good year next year thanks to Vision Data.

Steven K. Harbison
VP & General Manager

The Greeneville Sun
Greeneville, TN
Daily Readership...
38,762 Monday-Friday
42,687 Saturday/Sunday

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A Company of JONES MEDIA, INC.
Jones Media is a family-owned business headquartered in Greeneville, Tennessee. With its subsidiaries, Jones Media forms an integrated media enterprise that provides information exchange through community newspapers, specialty publications, travel & tourism guides, brochure distribution, and mobile telephone promotional services.

About Vision Data - Vision Data Equipment Corp. offers advertising, sales management/CRM, circulation management, online marketing, pagination, retail layout and ad tracking solutions for media groups including Pioneer News Group, Shaw Media, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc and Community Newspapers Inc.  With more than 3,000 local newspaper publications relying on its solutions, Vision Data offers self hosted, SaaS and IaaS solutions designed to meet each newspapers budget. Their motto – Strong Accounting Driving Marketing provides the platform of quality accounting systems designed to increase market share and streamline overhead. Visit our web site at www.vdata.com.


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