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Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. plans new Vision Data systems for newly acquired Traverse City (MI) Record-Eagle.

December 28, 2006 - BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA – Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. (CNHI) today announced the purchase new Total Advertising display advertising billing and sales management and Circulation Management systems from Vision Data Equipment Corp. of Rensselaer, NY for the 29,000 circulation Traverse City (MI) Record-Eagle, purchased recently from Ottaway Newspapers, Inc.

The Record-Eagle will be installing Vision Total Advertising – a complete integrated advertising sales and billing system that runs on a compliant relational database. Ad orders for display or classified ads are entered into the system, which generates sales data, calculates commissions, creates layout manifests, interfaces directly with pagination, and produces the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive reporting. The 31-seat system will also automatically fax or email items like invoices, customer notices, sales pieces, or proofs of classified ads.

Vision Circulation Sales and Management system will provide for all regular circulation functions with stop/start history file conversions, plus PostNet Barcoding; Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capability for auto-debiting payments from bank accounts or credit cards; and automatic CASS certification performed remotely by Vision Data without the need for any work by the newspaper. The system will also interface to a lockbox to import and post payment information as payments are made directly to the bank.

The system will also feature the Vision insert module to control the distribution and zoning of preprinted inserts and a complete Vision Classified Pagination system for the production of finished classified pages.

The Record-Eagle will also be installing the Vision Web suite, featuring a single on-line screen that allows an individual to place print or web ads or manage their subscription from their home computer. Business or commercial customers can establish a log-in and password to place insertion orders, access accounting reports, etc. It can also be used by reps to track sales contacts, etc.

According to Thomas A Dempsey, president of Vision Data, “CNHI chose Vision Data for this project citing the proven reliability of our software, the solid accounting strength that underlies all of the software and our proven ability to get projects done professionally and in a timely manner. We will have them up and running live within CNHI’s time frame without affecting any pending installations for other customers.”


About Vision Data - Vision Data Equipment Corp. offers advertising, sales management/CRM, circulation management, online marketing, pagination, retail layout and ad tracking solutions for media groups including Pioneer News Group, Shaw Media, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc and Community Newspapers Inc.  With more than 3,000 local newspaper publications relying on its solutions, Vision Data offers self hosted, SaaS and IaaS solutions designed to meet each newspapers budget. Their motto – Strong Accounting Driving Marketing provides the platform of quality accounting systems designed to increase market share and streamline overhead. Visit our web site at www.vdata.com.


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